SA Women in Gaming Mixer

On the 16th of July I was lucky enough to attend the SA Women in Games Networking Event held at AIE in Adelaide and organised by the amazing Emilia Chignola. The event was 11753687_857673340990121_6359270609588712095_nsponsored by Two Lives Left, Game Truck Australia, Mighty Kingdom, Six Foot Kid, AVCon and AIE also joined in supporting the event.

I was able to meet delegates from local game studios Two Lives Left, Mighty Kingdom, Six Foot Kid, People’s Republic of Animation, Monkey Stack as well as interstate attendees. There were people there with all skills and occupations and I was able to talk to other research students, designers and educators as well as coders, artists, students and more. Unfortunately, in true Susannah fashion, I was not able to keep a straight face in any of the photos. You can read more about the event here: (photo by Emilia Chignola)