2D/3D Perspectives and Dimensions

Much thought has gone into the decision regarding the perspectives and dimensions that will portrayed in the game trailer.

“Aerial views are characteristic of desert Aboriginal art, allowing the artists’ imagination to hover over the country and observe both naturalistic forms of the landscape as well as metaphysical markings – these are the Songlines or Dreaming tracks laid down in the Creation time by the spirit Ancestors. Knowledge of water sources and locations of bush tucker may also be drawn onto these maps.” – Japingka Gallery, 2012.

Snake Story Aerial Drawing showing 2D aerial perspective. Benisa Marks 2014.

It is due to this importance of these 2D aerial perspectives to Aboriginal art that the trailer should include some elements of this. It will demonstrate a map feature, showing an example of how the landscape could be portrayed. Examples of the use of community art will be demonstrated, through some of the artwork used in the title, splash screen and menu options, HUD and some of the in game assets and textures. It is important to note that should a full game be created, many or all parts of the game could be customised with community art in collaboration with developers.

‘In game’ footage. Sims 4 machinima showing in game third person perspective.

The game trailer will utilise machinima from The Sims 4 3D environment to demonstrate in-game footage from a third-person perspective. Third person perspective will show characters and will allow collaborators to open a dialog regarding the type of characters they would like to have represented in the game. The characters demonstrated in the game are both white Australian and Anangu, and as the trailer shows, they are required to work together throughout the game to solve problems using their various strengths. This 3D environment shows a world that is akin to real life and should prove easy for children to navigate and explore without extended tuition. Some examples of 2D textures of art by community members on posters, rugs, clothing etc will be placed into the 3D environment to be shown in the trailer to demonstrate the potential for this.

Snake Story Picture showing both aerial and straight ahead perspectives together in a 2D image. - Benisa Marks, 2014
Snake Story Picture showing both aerial and straight ahead perspectives together in a 2D image. – Benisa Marks, 2014

It seems both 2D perspectives (aerial and straight ahead, sometimes both together) and 3D immersive perspectives could provide positive attributes for the game. Due to the benefits of both perspectives, the trailer will aim to demonstrate both, showing 2D aerial perspectives and elements throughout the design of the map, menu, and in game through some elements of the environment, posters, rugs, clothing etc. It is very important to keep in mind that if a full video game was being created in collaboration with a community, seeing examples of both environments will open a dialog around this and allow communities to make choices regarding the perspectives of their game environment.